Study Tips for Math

Study Tips for Math

1. Pick a Place

Choose a location that is quiet, distraction free, and most like your testing location. That means do not study in bed wrapped up in a blanket unless you will be testing under those circumstances. Nice, natural lighting normally helps as well.

2. Set a Time

Choose a time frame that you will study and BE CONSISTENT. For example, if you choose to study for 2 hours a day, study for two hour a day! Do not make excuses, make it happen.

3. Review Errors

Mistakes are the best way to learn with math. When you make a mistake, understand WHY you made that mistake. When you understand why you made the mistake it will make you less likely to make the same mistake in the future. Then re-do the problem the correct way.

4. Make a Formula Sheet

Write down everything formula you need to remember. Then write it again another day. Then create flashcards. Studies show that when you write down information you are significantly more likely to remember it.

5. Do Not Try to Memorize Everything

It is much more meaningful to understand a process apposed to memorize it. When you understand why something is happening the need to memorize some formulas will disappear. Of course there are certain formulas you will need to memorize but it will cut down on that number making it more manageable.

6. Practice, Practice, and more Practice

Math is a subject that you have to practice at. Do practice exams, solve problems that you find through google, re-solve old homework problems, do any problems you can get your hands on! The more you practice, the easier it will be.

6. Treat Yourself

When you do really well, (follow your study schedule for a week, do really well on a practice exam, correctly recite a formula you were stuck on) treat yourself! Go out with friends, eat your favorite food, brag about it. Be proud of what you accomplish.


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