Amanda Yates

About me:

My education background is very diverse. During my elementary years I attended a private school and then a public school for 4th and 5th grade. For middle school I was homeschooled. High school was a mix of home school, then a two day a week school, and finally a co-op. On the college level, I received my Associate of Science degree from Columbia State University and the my Bachelors in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education from Middle Tennessee State University. While at MTSU, I taught college students through the Supplemental Instruction Program. Following graduation I taught 7th grade math. As you can see, I have been through nearly every form of the education system. This experience helps me relate to any level and/or type of student.

My goal at every level of teaching I have done is to make math make sense. If you can understand why something is happening, memorization becomes less important and math starts to become more enjoyable.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education – MTSU
  • GPA: 3.5
  • Passed Mathematics: Content Knowledge (Secondary Education Math Praxis)
  • Passed Exam P of the Actuarial Exams


  • 4 years private tutor
  • 2 years contract tutoring (Mathnasium)
  • 1 year Supplemental Instructor at MTSU
  • 1 year 7th grade math teacher

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