Home School Teaching

“I was homeschooled from middle school all the way to high school
graduation. I have seen the struggle of parents who want to homeschool
but do not feel comfortable with middle or high school level
mathematics. And I have seen parents give up and students suffer. I want to fix that.” – Amanda Yates

What it is:

With all that has been happening in the last year, I have seen the impact it has had on education of all realms; public schools, homeschooling, and even college. To help combat this problem 4N Math will now be offering small group classes over the summer to review whole classes that may have been a struggle with distance learning or that simply need a review. This will be a regular offering with full homeschooling math (6th-12th) courses offered beginning in Fall 2021 (early August but this is flexible to whatever is best for you and your family).

These classes will include once or twice a week meeting, homework for each day of the week, tests, and grades as well as open contact throughout the week  to facilitate additional concerns. The curriculum used is up to you but if left up to me I pull from a variety of resources to best fit the students individual needs as well as covering the Tennessee State Standards. My goal is to make this process fit your student and family needs in the best way possible so it is all very flexible.

I was homeschooled the majority of my life but also spent time in the public school system as an educator. Due to this I have a hybrid approach to my teaching which can cater to every type of student. The classes can be composed of their friends/other students you know who are interested or they can be with one or two other students at the same level.

If you are out of the the service area, video tutoring is available. Please contact us for more information.


  • One or two hour classes a week
  • Office hours for student to ask questions
  • Lesson Planning/Teaching
  • Homework
  • Tests

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