Benefits of Tutoring

Benefits of Tutoring

1. Tutors provide reinforcement.  One of the most powerful methods of learning is reinforcement, usually through repetition of a concept. This is why teachers assign homework, but homework is not a helpful method of reinforcement if the problems are too difficult or the student does not fully understand the concept to begin with. Tutors are a great remedy for this issue. They ensure students firmly grasp concepts, and they enforce good habits as students practice.

2. The experience is individual. A major challenge of classroom teaching is that students learn at different paces and process information distinctly. It is difficult to keep them engaged while moving through the curriculum at a rate comfortable for everyone. Because tutors work with students individually, they can speed up or slow down as needed. The tutor has the freedom try various approaches until the student learns the concept successfully. student . Best of all, in a one-on-one setting, the student is not inclined to compare themselves to other students.

3. Tutors help maintain skills. Most students do not attend school during the summer, making them susceptible to summer brain drain. A student’s memory of most concepts fades with lack of practice. Tutoring gives students the opportunity to continue practicing during the summer to keep those newly learned skills sharp. This ensures students are prepared to jump into the next school year with recently learned concepts intact. Summer tutoring is great because scheduling is flexible and the experience can be fun and low-stress.

4. Tutors develop good habits. Most tutors were great students because they developed excellent habits. After spending enough time together, most students will eventually adopt their tutor’s habits. This includes things like showing all of their work on math problems, underlining and taking notes while reading, drawing helpful diagrams, keeping papers organized, and managing time effectively. Most K-12 students struggle with these skills, so it always helps to have a great role model.


Written by Victor Camacho on High Performance Tutoring Blog

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