Math Exam Tutoring

Exams are required by many fields that involve education, healthcare, business, and the list continues. It can be hard when deciding to switch career pathways to make the right choice; to study on your own, to take a course, to return to college. Or maybe you are a college student who does not feel like the classes have fully prepared you for the exam. Whatever your choice may be, 4n Math is here to support you.

For a tutor to help you on this exam they have to have proof that they have passed the exam themselves. This guarantees that you receive the help from a tutor that knows how to study for the exam, has the knowledge to pass and can, in turn, help you pass.

If you are out of the the service area, video tutoring is available.

Exams Currently Covered:

  • Exam P of the Actuarial Exams
    • Probability Exam for the Society of Actuaries
  • Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161)
    • Secondary Education Math Praxis

More exams will be added in the future as they are passed by our tutors.

Please contact us for more information.

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